Tired of replacing your ecobee CR2032 batteries? In some households these may need to be replaced every year! This cost adds up quickly year-over-year, and is a drain on the environment.

Most sensor installation locations do not need to be wire-free.

Why not hard wire the ones you can?

This site will tell you how!


Empower ecobee users to free themselves of the ecobee sensor battery replacement cycle.

Save time, money, and the environment.

Let's get started!

The content for the ecobee-sensors-hard-wired DIY solution has been collaboratively produced by individuals throughout Ontario, Canada.


What You Should Expect By Going Hard-Wired



Save Money $$$

CR2032 battery costs vary wildly by geographical location, nation, quality & size of battery, whether or not you buy online or locally, etc. - so we'll let you do the math for the ROI that applies works for you.

For example: In 2019, Canada, ON the best price we found at local retail/hardware stores was ~$4 CAD / battery.  If your household has 2 sensors, and they need to be replaced every 2 years, assuming an ecobee life expectancy of 30 years - this amounts to $120.  So you can be the judge if ~$10 power adaptors + shipping + your time is worthwhile in the long term.

Do also consider the conversion from batteries to plug-in and the price of electricity from your local utility. These sensors draw very little to run (citation needed).  When we hooked up a standard kill-a-watt meter tool it didn't even register any reading (0 Watts, 0 Amps)!  In most cases it should be far less in electricity costs than the cost of batteries.



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