Other Considerations

What other information should I be aware of?

Retail Alternatives

At the time of this site's creation, there were no good pre-built (retail) solutions for plug-in CR2032 devices.

We also contacted Ecobee directly for a solution however they did not have any such product offerings.  The suggestion however was noted.

Which is why we did it ourself!

Rechargeable CR2032 Batteries

You may find success in some rechargeable CR2032 batteries.  There are obvious pros and cons here, depending on the quality and capacity of the batteries and chargers. We found options were limited, but not impossible to find.

One community member also suggested the possibility of using 2x rechargeable AAs in series and wiring them to the back. We have not looked into the feasibility of this idea.

Why don't My Sensor Batteries Last as Long as Ecobee Said They Would?

Ecobee's initial estimates predicted 2-3 years on their early version sensors with standard CR2032 batteries. However depending on the home environment and distance to sensors from main Ecobee, the may not last as long. Their official estimate is revised to 12-18 months.

The newer version "Smart Sensors" have beefier CR2477 batteries, so they will last longer (up to 5 years), mitigating some of the concerns noted here.